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Robbie’s Real Estate Trends: The Thing about Technology

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As seen in the Dallas Business Journal:

Technology is designed to make life easier.

Well, that was the plan anyway.

To call the technology transformation of the past few years anything less than revolutionary would be an understatement. It’s altered nearly every phase of our lives. We all walk around with extraordinarily powerful computers masquerading as cell phones in our pockets and purses.

Technology is sexy. However, does it always save time, or for that matter, improve our efficiency? I’ve come to the conclusion that while technology may simplify some tasks, it may also complicate our lives unnecessarily.

We believe technology is designed to bring people together, when it often serves as a barrier – a mechanism of isolation. Who needs to ask directions when there’s a GPS built into your phone? Google isn’t dumbing society down, but it sure contributes to laziness. We live off of shortcuts, thanks to technology. Who needs to spell, calculate numbers or have a sense of direction when technology does it all so well?

Avoiding high tech for higher touch now and then can yield some very interesting results. At The Wild Detectives bookshop in Dallas’ trendy Bishop Arts District, the store’s Wi-Fi goes dark on weekends in a sincere effort to get people to talk (drink coffee, taste cheeses, sample craft beers, etc.) with one another. I’m not suggesting we trash technology — it has great value. But increasing “face time” with one another isn’t such a bad idea either.

Next time you start to send an email to someone in your office, consider walking over and replacing it with a less electronic form of communication – the “face-to-face” kind.

There’s not an emoticon in the world that can replicate a light touch on the shoulder, a warm smile or the authenticity of a laugh with a colleague. Particularly when their desk is only a few feet away.

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