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Robbie’s Real Estate Trends: The Job of Getting a Job

  There’s an old adage: finding a full-time job is a full-time job. That’s particularly true when it comes to recent college graduates.

Locking in on that first job is not an automatic; there can be a gap between graduation and employment. It’s not always preferable, but certainly not uncommon. The good news is that there are more tools available than ever to assist a job search.

First, decide what you want to do, then create a comprehensive list of the companies you think you’d like to work for. Prepare targeted resumes and other materials to best market your skills and potential during the process.

Network as much as you can: There are plenty of weekly meetings among groups of recent grads that are productive forums. Social media also assists new job seekers to stay in touch, share information and, in some respects, hold one another accountable.

The odds of finding a job in the “want” ads may be lower than ever, so plan on using your connections to their fullest potential. Neighbors, friends, and friends of friends – they all count. Polish up your online profile on LinkedIn and various social media outlets. And take full advantage of your school’s placement services.

If there’s a lull between graduation and employment, consider lending your energy to a nonprofit that needs a hand. You never know the contacts you’ll make while volunteering. You can also learn a new skill that will enrich you, and pay dividends later.

Of course, there are those job seekers who thrive on the outrageous. Pitch a tent on a business’s front lawn, put up a billboard or rent an airplane dragging a banner with a name and number on it. That’s your call.

But above all – stay focused. Remember: Finding the right job is your job.


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